Naghmeh is a Registered Practitioner(Acupuncturist &Herbalist) and member of the CTCMA.

She graduated from the practitioner program(acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine) at the PCU College of Holistic  Medicine in Vancouver, BC.

Naghmeh’s background is Western Medicine.

She was a general physician for 8 years in her home country of Iran. There she practiced family medicine and felt rewarded by helping families be healthy.naghmeh ghane tehrani

Because of  her wonderful   experiences of acupuncture , she decided to take a new direction in medicine with continuing  her education in traditional Chinese medicine in  Canada.

She enjoys the gentle treatment approach depend on each condition , using both acupuncture and herbs, to  brings normal body  balance back, and paying attention to treat roots as well as the symptoms to get the  best results.

She also completed Qi beauty course with Kathy Pedersen (Founder and Managing Director) and became a Qi beauty practitioner ,using this amazing  method as anti-aging ,also for detoxification and skin health.

Then she learned injection therapy with Dr. Rod LeBlanc(specializes in myofascial pain,utilizing trigger point injection therapies), to do Biopuncture, Vitamin Therapy and Trigger Point Injection Therapy.

Naghmeh is interested in

women’s health,digestive disorders,

stress conditions, insomnia,

as well as pain management,

weight loss, and cosmetic acupuncture(facial rejuvenation)