Qi Beauty

This method  builds a matrix by using 1000 gold magnets to produce Static Magnetic Field (SMF).

The qi beauty anti_aging system uses specific negative polarized micro magnets to stimulate tissue in the dermis,epidermis and the proximal acupuncture points. These magnets produces a negative magnetic field over the entire area of application.

The biological response to this negative magnetic field is a reduction of oxidation processes, increased alkalinisation, oxygenation and cellular growth . Reducing acidity means increased energy and cellular regeneration .

Qi beauty increases blood flow around the face, also helps to stimulate collagen synthesis and restore skin PH to eradicate the effects of toxins directly in contact with skin ;and a visible difference to skin tone and texture is noted.

Qi beauty system help promote the ability of skin to :

*plump and tone dehydrated skin
*lift and define facial features
*decrease size of pores
*reduce the appearance of fine lines
*brighten and tighten skin
*Reduce the appearance of pigmentation
*reduce depth of wrinkles
*Repair /reduce broken capillaries
*Reduce the appearance of recent scarring
*detoxification of skin

Qi beauty detoxification

Is a powerfully effective treatment frequently essential to the rejuvenation process . It’s indicated when tissues congestion (puffiness,pitting or pallor )is present. Qi detoxification encourage blood and fluid circulation , improve the tone, hydration and appearance of unhealthy skin

Qi beauty home kit(patch system)

Based on the knowledge that skin cells require energy to remain young ,the qi beauty kit provide specifically designed magnets to placing on specific acupuncture points ,stimulates Qi energy to enhance skin function and energise skin as an anti_aging solution. Using this patch system one to three times weekly at home , help to continue anti_aging effect of  Qi beauty treatment .